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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Physical Space to Cultivate Innovation

Innovation helps the society advance. New products, especially in medicine and technology, enhance our living standard. Innovation helps differentiate one product from that of the competitor’s and makes a product stand out. From business perspective, it closes gaps between different markets. Companies recognize this and try to encourage innovation in their own way, usually by creating physical space to nurture new ideas. This can be done by launching innovation labs to evolve thinking into new products, services, process efficiencies or business models. Normally, an innovation lab is a space set apart from the rest of the company with distinct furnishing, …continue reading

New Business and Invention Ideas

There is opportunity in almost everything and anything. With creativity, innovation and effort, it is even possible to sell hair growing shampoo to monks. Here are some creative ideas we will like to share with you:   Tour Package for Introverts Introverts do like to travel… as long as they are allowed to remain quiet. A new tour company called Sacred Introvert founded by Lisa Avebury understands that and is offering slow paced, relaxing trips for the introverted holiday seekers.   CarVi Many new drivers get involved in accident within their first year of driving. CarVi might not be the …continue reading

New Mobile Innovation

On one hot afternoon, I was having nasilemak with my friends for lunch. My friend complained about how horribly hot the weather was and wondered loudly why isn’t there a mobile app that allowed a phone user to use the phone as a fan. Mobile phones had improved so much over the past ten years. Once upon a time, we were happy to own a bulky, heavy mobile phone that allowed us to call and SMS. As mobile phones got smaller and lighter, we expected it to take pictures, play music, allow us to surf the internet and visit sites …continue reading

Slacktivism – The Way of 21st Century?

Our generation today is one that has convenience on the list of it’s values. We have condensed our daily lives into a series of actions, symbols and items that have been downsized for minimal effort. Need to reconnect with a friend halfway across the world? Its much easier to drop them a line on Facebook rather than picking up the phone or God forbid, write a letter to them. Even our language, the sounds and signs that has taken centuries to be crafted and evolve, has actually devolved into more primitive single-syllable, or minimal-lettered words. No more “Hello, how do …continue reading

Best Inventions in 2014

Having entered the 4th quarter of the year this month, I couldn’t help but begin to feel that 2014 is coming to an end. Good for some and not so good for the others, this year barely has more than 2 months left and it definitely hasn’t been short of new things – in fact, it has brought so many new things that it could well be considered the year of inventions for some! This year has been especially exciting in the realm of science and technology. Biodegradable packaging, artificial pancreas, cryogenic human, and even 3D printing on almost everything …continue reading

Music that Helps Child Development

Music has been an integral part of human life, ever since ancient times. A recent archaeological research has uncovered in southwest Germany what is essentially the earliest documented musical tradition wherein remains of a nearly complete bone flute, i.e. flutes made from bones in the Paleolithic age, were found. This suggests that music might have formed an essential part of entertainment in ancient times and helped build small communities in the growth of civilization. Apart from entertainment, music serves a much greater purpose in our lives today. We have come to realize how human emotions are closely tied to the …continue reading

Is Crowdfunding Making Banks Obsolete?

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. Well, they better be big enough, as it has never been a more convenient time to dream big than right now. With the very impressive crowdfunding initiative taking over major parts of the world, most humans could only dream of having such a good opportunity to reach their craziest dream – a creative mind is all you need! While it is more than welcoming for most people throughout the globe, it is definitely not very good news for banks and other financial institutions. Despite the existence of similar …continue reading

Innovation – Inching Towards Better Living

Whether we are business owners, work for a large company, or simply laze around all day, innovation –especially technological- has been playing a major part in improving our lives. While most of us are naturally not innovative and simply live not to fail, a small minority out there have been taught to “think outside the box” and are therefore contributing to a better life for us, usually after several failures of their own. Some may be naturally self-criticizing and take failing as a natural step to learn, the rest of us, the majority, need to be taught how to disconfirm …continue reading

Mobile Marketing vs. SMS Marketing – Don’t jump the gun

Lately, I noticed that there has been a boom in an alternative social platform that attracts the teenage crowd. This platform has evolved in Asia and is growing extremely popular in that market. It is said that this messaging app may be the next big thing in marketing. Marketing has been evolving and it has always been on a look out for newer, better platform to reach people. Of course, technology has been a great enablers for marketing because we have aggregators medium to reach people. What is aggregators medium, you may ask? Well, blogs enable normal, ordinary people to …continue reading

Banks, wine and taxi – disruptive innovation for the people

I have been spending a lot of time reading this month. Partly because I have more time but also because I have gained much more joy in reading than I have ever felt before. I would like to share with you a jaw dropping exposé published by the Rolling Stone – The Vampire Squid Strikes Again. Frankly when I read the title, a funny image came to my mind. I imagined a gigantic deep sea squid with fangs holding light sabers in its tentacles. As I started to read the article in detail, the laughter in my head changed into …continue reading

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