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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mind Expanding Ideas

There is a saying that curiosity kills the cat. But I strongly believe that without curiosity, there is no discovery. If there is no curiosity, us – homo sapiens, may still be living in a tiny part of the world without venturing further to explore and spread across the planet.

One of the greatest visionary of our time once said:

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

~ Steve Jobs

steve jobs


This phrase captures the motivation of this blog. Hunger for new opportunities, new ideas and new discovery. Be humble to learn, to think, and to evolve. This blog is intended share new ideas and mind-expanding thoughts. This is where we can get feedback on our ideas without being judged.

So to start of, I would like to share with you a few other places where I often read about new ideas or interesting work. Recently, I have been following this thread on Quora about mind expanding books. I have read some of the books listed in this thread and I must caution that some of them can make you feel extremely uncomfortable with the conventional world view of people. It is challenging but I think I became more humble and more accepting of others who are different from me after reading these books.

Another great place for such type of information is 3quarksdaily. This website curates for some of the best articles in the world from literature to science and philosophy.

For a more enjoyable time with your mates, pick up a mind expanding movie and you can debate about the story, for a challenge. I recently watched a classic movie directed by Martin Scorsese called Gangs of New York. I have to be honest that this movie plays with your expectation on what is good and what is honor. My friends and I mulled over the movie for over 3 days to finally get to a slightly more comfortable place in our minds about the topics. Definitely a must watch movie.

Sometimes I would like to read something more light hearted and contemporary. Boing Boing is a great place it.

For those who are more into technology, you can also check out Wired to get a latest and hottest tech news. Whenever I read Wired, I feel like I am a kid again watching Back to the Future and be awed by the possibility of new gadgets and new technology. This website unleashes the curious kid in me.


These are some places where I visit to satisfy my curiosity. Stay tune for more new ideas!


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