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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Best Inventions in 2014

Having entered the 4th quarter of the year this month, I couldn’t help but begin to feel that 2014 is coming to an end. Good for some and not so good for the others, this year barely has more than 2 months left and it definitely hasn’t been short of new things – in fact, it has brought so many new things that it could well be considered the year of inventions for some!

This year has been especially exciting in the realm of science and technology. Biodegradable packaging, artificial pancreas, cryogenic human, and even 3D printing on almost everything you need, even a diaper bag with Singapore flag!

Here are my top 10 selection of the best inventions in 2014:

Hal Finney

CyropreservationBitcoin pioneer Hal Finney should be accredited for speeding the process of Cyropreservation, having asked that his body be preserved after his death, following a 5 year battle with the notorious ALS. His body has had blood and other fluids removed and will remain in a tank filled with liquid nitrogen, until the necessary technology to repair such problems will arrive and supposedly bring him back alive.

Sweet Bites – A chewing gum which helps against oral diseases through the use of xylitol as its main ingredient. Sweet Bites will clean teeth and prevent oral diseases, offering a way out to half of the world’s population.

SCiO – Despite most packaged foods having labels which list the nutritional information in them, such information is often not credible or 100% inclusive. A pocket-size spectrometer, named SCiO, primarily measures the content and calories, making it super-easy for anyone to scan drinks or food and know what it is actually made of.

OrbSys – Despite the larger part of the world being made up of water, there are still countries which have difficulties with having running water in their population’s homes. Several countries even have regular reductions due to a lack of water. The OrbSys shower system tackles that perfectly well by recycling up to 90% of the same water and using it again. To add to that, it even saves up to 80% of energy.

Marxman Pen – British inventors tried to ease the life of their utility workers by inventing Marxmen Pen, which allows anyone to easily mark walls and ceilings up for drilling, even allowing them to do it with one hand only.

Kikka Digga – Brits have made helping workers their primary duty this year, and that is explained by another working tool invention that eases the life of land laborers. It is attached to any garden fork or spade and has a step which enables a harder push for the digger, easing the laborious task of digging.

Robotic Exoskeleton – Being perfectly practicable for use throughout the upper body, this robotic exoskeleton device makes life easier by enabling the human to lift up to 40 extra pounds. It could well be considered a smart device thanks to its reading of positions through magnetic sensors, being rotatable and transformable accordingly with the use of a handheld device.

360-degree Infrared Vision – Using the heat of warm objects such as people and car engines, this spinning Infrared Vision device takes many images per second and gets them together, enabling the viewer to have a 360-degree supervision without the need of many cameras.

Bike Helmet Briefcase – Using the bikes to go to work has never been easier. With the invention of the bike helmet which can easily transform into a briefcase, you can take it anywhere without having to worry about the troubles of storing it. It is very flexible and protective.

XStat Combat Wounds Sealer – With the many conflicts going in throughout the world, this invention was never far off as soon as technology began advancing to current heights. XStatis a pocket-size syringe filled with pill-like items which can seal a wound within 15 seconds, contributing against blood loss – which is commonly an important factor in deaths during wars.

Ultimately, despite the many inventions, 2014 can be considered far from finished too. With 2 months left and the current technology advancement, we can easily expect to see something we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Stay tuned!












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