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Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Business and Invention Ideas

There is opportunity in almost everything and anything. With creativity, innovation and effort, it is even possible to sell hair growing shampoo to monks.

Here are some creative ideas we will like to share with you:


Tour Package for Introverts

Introverts do like to travel… as long as they are allowed to remain quiet.

A new tour company called Sacred Introvert founded by Lisa Avebury understands that and is offering slow paced, relaxing trips for the introverted holiday seekers.



Many new drivers get involved in accident within their first year of driving.

CarVi might not be the perfect solution to this problem, but it is able to oversee driving habits and deliver real time warning, thus help drivers to ameliorate their road safety.

CarVi is a device that can be attached to windscreens with a single lens video camera to be installed on the dashboard. It syncs with the driver’s smartphone to gather data, warning the drivers if they get too close to other vehicles and assist them to change lanes safely.


Robot Car

Google created a car that can drive itself. With video cameras, radar sensors, laser range finder and detailed maps, one can relax with a good movie or a peaceful nap while being transported from one destination to another. The car even has different personality for different driving conditions, such as “cautious” or “aggressive”.

Is it also possible to give the car an adjustable sarcasm level like TARS, the robot from Interstellar?


Pulse Smartpen

Journalists and court transcribers will love this gadget.


Pulse Smartpen is an agile and stylish contrivance comes with microphone, built-in speaker and camera to metamorphose handwritten notes and audio recordings into interactive Flash videos (“pencasts”) which can be embedded into any website. It can also function as calculator and translator (for a few selected languages).


Double-Sided Peanut Butter Jar

This idea is so simple that you will hate yourself for not thinking of it first. It is just a jar of peanut butter with two lids – one at the top and the other at the bottom to allow the glutton to easily spoon and enjoy that small layer of peanut butter at the bottom which requires three Ainsteins to figure out the right angle to spoon it out.

I wonder if I can get rich by selling double-sided Nutella jars?



Touch screen phones are wonderful. By using touch screen phones, I don’t get aching finger joints that keypad phone caused.

However, my fat fingers make typing on touch screen phones difficult. “Haha” becomes “gaga”, “thanks” becomes “tganks” and “HIV testing Singapore” becomes “GUV testing Singapore”.

Say hello to ThickButtons, a free download for Android phones that shrinks letters that are least likely to be typed next.


Flip Flops With Interchangeable Velcro Straps


It is such a waste of money to buy many pairs of flip flops with differently colored straps to match with different outfits. 25-year-old Lindsay Phillips must have thought the same, for she had came up with SwitchFlops, allowing customers to buy one pair of sandals (be it flat, wedges or kitten heel) and multiple strap designs.


Innovativeness never fails to be amazing.



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